Earth Kisses Sky, a leader in holistic medicine and known for their signature products designed to reduce pain and inflammation and promote healing through cannabis topicals is turning 10 years

Some Canadian doctors and public health experts say Canada should hit pause on this week’s legalization of cannabis oils given the nearly 1,300 cases of vaping-related lung injury in the

A £2m advertising campaign supporting a cannabis oil-infused rum brand has been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority following a complaint from the Scottish government that it likened the drink

VICTORIA — Canadians wanting to cross the U.S. border are being asked different marijuana questions than they were before cannabis was legal, says an American immigration lawyer who represents numerous

Attorney general says new territory law does not override federal law which prohibits cannabis possession The Australian Capital Territory law to legalise cannabis possession appears to “do nothing to end

Despite widespread use of the drug around the world and increasing moves to legalise its sale for recreational consumption, standard units – which have been commonplace for alcohol for many

A macabre saying on Wall Street is that beaten-down stocks can have a “dead-cat bounce.” The idea is that even a stiff feline can rebound off a concrete sidewalk if

A Chicago couple who own a maintenance company. A Hanover Park man whose wife uses medical marijuana. Two sisters with a family farm in Peoria. They were among the people

De Mexicaanse senaat zal in de loop van de volgende dagen stemmen over de complete legalisering van marihuana. Dat bericht Reuters. Het land wil op die manier vermijden dat de

In de Zuid-Spaanse stad Granada is deze week een Nederlandse vrouw van 43 jaar gearresteerd die ervan wordt verdacht met grote regelmaat vele kilo’s marihuana naar adressen in Nederland te