Just the hope of winning a Utah license to grow medical cannabis could cost contenders $10,000. And that will be a fraction of the total bill for landing a license,

BISMARCK — A group filed paperwork on Monday, May 20, to start a petition process to change the North Dakota Constitution to allow residents to legally grow and use any

Canada’s federal government is currently working to pass a bill that would provide pardons for people convicted of minor cannabis possession . With a federal election around the corner, it

“The Business of Cannabis” will be the topic of discussion for the next Chamber of Commerce panel luncheon.

On Tuesday, June 25, the panel of industry professionals will facilitate conversation

‘Het huidige politieke beleid kan men moeilijk als verlicht beschouwen, het voelt eerder barbaars aan.’ Aldus politiek filosoof en auteur Patrick Dewals over hoe ons land omgaat met medicinale cannabis.

California’s new governor is sitting on a comfy $20 billion surplus, and corporate taxes that came in last month were nearly $1 billion ahead of schedule, to a total $3.4

Michael Pollan: Not So Fast on Psychedelic Mushrooms Psilocybin has a lot of potential as medicine, but we don’t know enough about it yet to legalize it.

Mr. Pollan is

Dear Editor: I’m privileged to live in a country in which all can express opinions and organize petitions without fear of political consequences, social stigma, or worse. Petitions are a

It’s beginning to look like the only deal state lawmakers might reach on recreational marijuana use is an agreement to put it on the ballot in 2020.

A report in

Americans are becoming more supportive of marijuana legalization each year but the gender gap remains a constant: While 68 percent of men now support marijuana legalization, only 56 percent of