Utah lawmakers have had second thoughts about asking the state to dispense medical cannabis, voting in a Monday special session to leave distribution in the hands of private businesses. A

A Labour government could reportedly consider  legalising  all drugs if it was recommended by royal commission.  “There is nothing more important than preserving the life of our citizens,” Diane Abbott,

Siobhan Benita says the capital should make the move to tackle youth crime The legalisation of cannabis should be tested in London to improve public health and stop young people

Ohana Cannabis Ben Barlett is de eerste politicus die cryptocurrency inzet om cannabis te kopen in de Verenigde Staten. De man uit Berkely City Californië kocht de wiet met Bitcoin

For those of us who have been around for longer than we might care to admit, America has been consumed during our lifetime by the never-ending battle to combat drug

The government and the Drug Foundation say they are committed to keeping the public informed, fear mongering to a minimum and misinformation out of the news, ahead of the cannabis

Emily Roberts says her body hurts all the time. Sometimes, it’s a radiating pain that shoots along the nerves in her leg. Other times, it feels like someone is stabbing

If the opponents of 2018′s Proposition 2 had continued their campaign — rather than agree to an informal ceasefire a month before the election — Gayle Ruzicka is confident they

Once a politically dangerous subject, legal marijuana has become something of a de facto platform plank for the 2020 Democratic candidates: All support either legalizing or decriminalizing its use, and

AMSTERDAM – D66 Amsterdam wil versneld aan de slag met een proef met legalisering van xtc. dat zegt fractievoorzitter Reinier van Dantzig in het AT5-programma Park Politiek. Van Dantzig denkt