The market The explosion in demand for CBD ( Cannabidiol ) products has been widely described as the “CBD Craze”, a description that implies CBD could be a fad that

Beauty connoisseurs may now be on the lookout for a new ingredient in their products: cannabidiol (CBD).

The CBD market has been steadily developing, with several of the big players

A growing number of marijuana companies are betting that the cannabis plant will someday be obsolete. These startups predict powerful compounds called cannabinoids—such as THC, responsible for the “high” in

The country’s first cannabis café will open in West Hollywood later this year.

Plans for Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Café on N. La Brea Avenue were approved unanimously by the

They say you are what you eat and many Americans are chowing down on foods they hope will transform their health and beauty. From CBD snacks to kombucha and activated

FSAI recalls batch of Dutch cannabis oil after finding it contains psychoactive cannabis.

THE FOOD SAFETY Authority of Ireland (FSAI) has recalled a batch of CBD oil after discovering that

The U.S. government is growing the largest crop of research marijuana in five years, responding to interest in varieties with high levels of THC and CBD. The government is the

DETROIT Nick Tennant spent eight months hunched over his dining room table learning how to assemble steel parts into a machine he saw as the future of the marijuana industry.

It’s no secret by now that the marijuana industry is a big-money business. Having grown from $3.4 billion in legal global sales in 2014 to hit nearly $11 billion worldwide

Authored by Mac Slavo via, Healthcare teams in Canada have turned to  CBD (cannabidiol) oil  to help patients relieve their difficult dementia symptoms. Some disruptive behaviors have become increasingly