Marijuana Use Among College Students Hits Highest Level In 35 Years


The results of the survey, which were compiled in 2018, were based on responses from 1,400 adults aged 19 to 22. The research pool included 900 full-time college students, and 500 part-time students.

The researchers who carried out the study compared the data from 2018 to annual data stretching back to 1980, when UMich started monitoring marijuana use among different demographic groups, according to Fox Business

Here’s more on the results courtesy of the Associated Press:

About 43% of full-time college students said they used some form of pot at least once in the past year, up from 38%, a University of Michigan survey found. About 25% said they did so in the previous month, up from 21%.


About 6 percent of college students said they used marijuana 20 or more times

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