Background:  Medical marijuana is legal in 29 US states and the District of Columbia: both HIV and chronic pain are “approved conditions” for receipt. Chronic pain is common among people

Santa Barbara’s first marijuana dispensaries are a welcome addition to the community from many — but not necessarily all — perspectives. Advantages and disadvantages exist in the increased availability of

RAJKOT: Two students of Atmiya College here were arrested with 3.4 kg ganja (marijuana) from behind Raiya Telephone Exchange early Saturday morning. Police said the accused, identified as Divyesh Solanki

The people have gone without for much too long. Such is the conclusion of athleisure brand Acabada ProActiveWear —as yet unaffiliated with Goop—which took a close look at the intersection

Last week, the ACT parliament passed significant reforms in regard to cannabis. Whilst the headlines called it “cannabis legalisation” the actual change was rather mild – a reform of territory

For the past three years, marijuana  has taken Wall Street by storm . Even with cannabis stocks in a six-month funk, the biggest names in the industry are many multiples

The next federal government needs to amend the Cannabis Act so First Nations can have jurisdiction over the industry on their territories, to seize its economic potential and avoid potential

Public Health England accused of playing down the dangers of e-cigarettes as a purely American phenomenon

Lung disease caused by vaping – which has led to several deaths and hundreds

Will this week go down in cannabis history? It’s very possible, thanks to the passing of the SAFE Banking Act in the House of Representatives. This is a potential game-changer

You will not see anything about this documentary in the mainstream media and that’s because it is not benefiting the global pharmaceutical companies.

When most people hear the word Weed