Surna: Profitability For This Overlooked Marijuana Stock

By in Zakelijk on 13 augustus 2019

In the nearly four-and-a-half years since my first article about Surna (OTCQB:SRNA) and two-and-a-half years since my most recent article, long-term investors such as myself have had to hold our noses and simply watch the stock fall lower and lower despite a stubborn sense that this company has a tremendous future ahead of it, bolstered by a string of recent news and structural changes which have laid a foundation for stability.

Chances are that you either haven’t heard of this small Colorado-based pick-and-shovel marijuana play or that – like me – you’ve been following along as an investor for a few agonizing years waiting for a day like Wednesday to ignite the rally. Indeed, I have seen a few spikes from this stock (a few such spikes are illustrated in the chart below) however Thursday and Friday felt different. This felt like the major shift in the company’s fundamentals that will finally change market sentiment.

Of course, we’re talking about a micro-cap stock (risky) that has lost a tremendous amount of value over the past few years (risky) which has yet to show sustained profitability (risky) and which plays in the relative wild west of

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