How Technology Is About to Transform the $150B Cannabis Market

By in Wetenschap, Wiet, Zakelijk on 10 juli 2019

What’s the genius of Amazon? Simple: control of information.

Jeff Bezos turned a little online book store into one of the world’s most valuable corporate behemoths by applying technological solutions to complex problems—creating a model mirrored around the world.

Now, a little-known company is trying to duplicate that feat.

TruTrace Technologies (CSE:TTT; OTC:TTTSF) is helping other companies “Amazonify” their businesses— creating a niche in the tech world that has yet to be filled.

In other words, it has no competitors yet.

As any retail firm knows, distribution is essential—it can be the biggest source of additional costs and the perfect place to improve efficiency.

Inefficiency can be a killer—a study from 2012 showed that distribution centers lose 3000 hours a year to unproductive workflow.

Lack of control over information costs even more—large businesses lost $47 million per year to inefficiencies in data transfer.

For any business to compete with companies like Amazon it all comes down to distribution

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