Gang who ran £10m-a-year cannabis operation in Northampton must make repayments or face longer jail time


A criminal gang who ran a £10 million cannabis operation in Northampton have been ordered to pay back over £165,000 at Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (POCA) hearings.
Back in October 2014, police officers discovered 3,400 cannabis plants at a rented warehouse in Brackmills. Detectives traced the operation back to five people who were all sentenced for their involvement in September 2017:

As well as the sentences handed out, all five will now have to repay some of the money they made. It is thought that the operation would have generated £10 million a year had it been allowed to continue.

Dinesh Khetani has been ordered to pay £30,000, Peter Brown has been ordered to pay £66,735, Kyle Nixon has been ordered to pay £61,711 and Nicola Bowers has been ordered to pay £4,986. All four will have three months to pay what they owe or face additional time in prison. Warren

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