As Nigerian authorities continue to live in self-denial about the booming local Indian hemp industry, other countries of the world have started to see the economic potential of this psychoactive

NHS is forced to open Britain’s first clinic for cannabis psychosis to treat addicts of the mind-altering drug NHS opens cannabis psychosis clinic to treat addicts of the mind-altering drug

In de Verenigde Staten heeft een staat opnieuw wiet volledig gelegaliseerd. Het gaat om de elfde staat in de VS waar wiet volledig legaal is geworden. Het was nu de

With legalization in full-swing in six states and new legislation in the works, investing in cannabis has officially gone mainstream. And today, some of the most established industries in the

Many medical marijuana users have developed side effects such as nausea, vomiting and hallucination, the Krabi Public Health Office revealed Friday. Thailand has legalized medical marijuana in response to findings

A cannabis grower that has raised the ire of its Whonnock neighbours will be allowed to expand.

After getting legal advice, the City of Maple Ridge announced it will issue

In June, California cannabis company Harborside Health ventured north and became the 66th US pot business to list its stock on the Canadian Securities Exchange . The driving force behind

An ex-prisoner who wants to turn his life around has revealed what life is really like living on one of Wales’ most notorious, drug-ridden estates.

David Taylor says he vividly

In an abandoned chocolate factory in Ontario, Canopy Growth is nurturing global ambitions . But could it thrive in Britain?

The musky aroma hits you from the car park at

De politie is vrijdagavond loungecafé Arena aan de Huizerweg in Bussum binnengevallen. Agenten troffen verschillende soorten drugs aan. 

De drugsvondst was aanleiding voor burgemeester ter Heegde om het café te