The arrest of an American man in Myanmar for growing 20 acres of cannabis plants is unjust because authorities were aware that his company was doing scientific research and police

We didn’t get where we are today by pandering to trends on Twitter but that ‘five jobs I’ve had’ thing does have a certain appeal so – just this once

TORONTO – Ontario’s government-run cannabis distributor has cancelled its tender for couriers to make same-day pot deliveries. The provincial corporation tasked with the online sale and distribution of recreational cannabis

Amber Lewis is charged with making a false report to law enforcement, second-degree possession of marijuana and chemical endangerment of a child.

MONTGOMERY, Ala. – Around 9 a.m. Wednesday, Millbrook

Momentum within the marijuana industry is undeniable. Since 1995, we’ve seen support for broad-based legalization in the U.S. catapult from just 25% to 66% in October 2018 , according to

A group that visited Nakusp and Nelson recently to push the idea of a small cannabis producers co-op says without a significant change in approach by the federal government, British

BERGEN OP ZOOM – Er gaat geen week voorbij of er vindt in Noord-Brabant wel een dumping van drugsafval plaats. Vooral het buitengebied, waar sowieso al weinig mensen komen, is

As attorneys argued over a section of an Arizona law that differentiates between marijuana and cannabis, the state’s Supreme Court justices joked about baking pot brownies in their kitchens.


Veel wiet en Amerikaanse hiphopcultuur in de Netflix-documentaire Grass is Greener. Daarnaast in de filmpodcast Radio Cinema: de documentaire Western Arabs, waarin de Deense filmmaker Omar Shargawi probeert om zijn

Het waren er duizenden in de jaren tachtig, nu wordt de groep heroïne­verslaafden kleiner en kleiner. Een portret van één van de 120 overgebleven ‘junks’ die niet zonder de door