About an hour ago Denver long ago laid title to being the Mile High City, but with more than $6 billion in retail sales of cannabis and cannabis-infused products in

These stupid criminal stories from Ask Reddit will make you feel so much smarter.

1. Can’t go into too much detail, but kid (14) shot another kid (15) in the

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Marijuana-fueled munchies don’t just hit your stomach. Cravings fueled by recreational cannabis may have an impact on junk food sales, according to a  study led by a University of Connecticut

New York City health officials have delayed a ban on CBD additives to food and drink until summer, after first imposing it earlier this year. Restaurants, cafes and bars now

Clover students were caught using e-cigarettes in their school in January, reflecting a trend among youth. E-cigarettes, sometimes referred to as vapes or vape pens, produce a mix of small

A First Nation operating a cannabis dispensary without a provincial permit has laid the groundwork for taking the federal and Saskatchewan governments to court.

The Muscowpetung First Nation filed a

Miami Beach Rep. Michael Grieco made the first go at legalizing recreational marijuana in Florida on Tuesday, filing two separate bills that would legalize personal pot use and create an

UTRECHT – Onderzoekers van het UMC Utrecht zijn heel blij met een nieuwe ontdekking over cannabis. Het is wetenschappers gelukt om een werkzame stof die in de wietplant zit, in

Cannabis stocks were mostly higher Thursday, as investors digested the latest earnings reports from the sector and comments from the head of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on plans